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to provide high-quality media services that will grow your business and support your brand. If you’re a fit-pro, a fitness or nutrition business, or a sport and fitness brand, we’re your go-to guys.

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"FitMedia have totally re-modelled my online training business, my income has trebled in 3 months since starting with them! I cannot recommend them enough!"

Charlie Johnson
Charlie Johnson Coaching

"FitMedia helped me build my initial website for my first company. E-commerce sites have to be many things and FitMedia ticked off every single aspect that they need to be in order to grow."

Anthony Mellor
Owner of Absolute Fitness Apparel

When you start your project, you'll deal directly with us. We never outsource work to an offshore team. Everything we do is in-house, tailored to you and refined by us.

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Ethan Fernandes
Content Creation
Evan Cockshaw
Custom Print
Jonah Cockshaw
Founder & Director
Kane McGuinness
Branding & Design
Raj Dua
Sales & Marketing
Yani Fish
Social Media Strategist

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