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We help fitness businesses scale by developing a great offer, building a funnel around it and then filling that funnel via our done-for-you marketing service.
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Client testimonials

Here's what a few of our clients have to say...
Amazing work from FitMedia for my gym in the West Midlands! Jonah and his team are incredible, so professional but fun to work with and go the extra mile to make things perfect. They run my FB ads for me and I got 40 sign ups in 2 weeks! Absolutely LOVE my website/landing page too. Highly Recommended
Clare B.
The Loft Gym
FitMedia created a website that was perfect for me. I had a very clear vision on what I wanted and FitMedia met every single requirement down to the smallest detail. Would definitely recommend.
Jack W.
JW Fitness
My PT Hub has worked closely with Jonah and the FitMedia team for close to a year now, bringing to life our vision and ideas to create a series of trainer testimonial videos for both our website and social media channels. The guys work their magic every time and it's always a pleasure.
Ben G.
My PT Hub

What does our process and service actually look like?

In an industry full of business coaches, mentors, gurus, courses and programs, FitMedia is proud to stand on it's own as an industry leader in providing fully done-for-you performance marketing services.

Our work is very firmly focused on handling the critical components of growth, whilst you focus on serving your clients and members.

This means that we'll handle everything from setting up your landing page(s), writing persuasive copy, analysing data to make properly informed decisions, scaling campaigns, managing your budget across platforms and so on.
We're a team of media buyers, designers, developers and copywriters, so we personally handle all of this for you. In-house.

If you're interested in kicking things up a notch for your fitness business, feel free to reach out and we'll show you how that can be done.

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