We have one aim; to provide high-quality media services that will grow your business and support your brand. If you’re a fit-pro, a fitness or nutrition business, or a sport and fitness brand, we’re your go-to guys.

Our Amazing Team

the team
Jonah Cockshaw
Founder & the web guy
Ethan Fernandes
the camera guy
Kane McGuinness
the design guy
Raj Dua
the marketing guy
Built with passion

The Fitness Industry's Marketing Agency.

Businesses are built when there's a problem to be solved. In early-2016, before FitMedia Co. had begun, we noticed that the Fitness Industry had been growing significantly for the last few years. However, there didn't seem to be anyone offering the services that your business needs to compete in an increasingly competitive space. We deliver those services, coupled with deep, industry experience. 😎

How We Work

Here's a rough guideline to how we work and what you can expect when enquiring about our services.

Step 1. Request a Quote

Once you Request a Quote, we'll send you more information on the services you're most interested in. This will include prices, what's included and examples of work we've done previously.


Step 2. Discovery Call

Our Discovery Calls are a great opportunity for us to find out some more information about each other. We'll offer answers to your questions, as well as presenting any questions we have for you, too.


Step 3. The 'Boring' Stuff

Before we get going, it's important that we're able to cover a few formalities. For us, this will include you signing our standard Terms of Service, and of course, taking the initial payment.


Step 4. Project Begins

This is where things begin to take off. From here, we'll likely hop on an On-Boarding Call just to share what you can expect now that we're working together, as well as introducing you to the team members you'll be working closely with.

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