When you work so hard to cultivate an audience (in any business, brand or industry) it can be pretty heart-wrenching to wake up and find that hundreds or thousands of them have packed their bags and left, with no warning or reason!

Well, this is exactly what happened to so many Instagram users just this week. The platform went crazy! Some of Instagrams biggest accounts actually lost millions, upon millions of followers in a single fowl swoop. Ouch!

Thankfully, though, we aren’t to panic. Since Instagram have since confirmed it’s an internal error on their part, and that they’re working on a fix. See below: (Phew!)

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Our question, however, is “Should we *really* care?”

See, without going on a big ol’ ramble here, as a marketing company, that does a lot of work with clients who run big Social Media pages, we are wholeheartedly of the opinion that although the number of Likes, Followers and Comments are *cool*, and often a great measure of long-term growth / performance, but, they are also just a top-line figure. And as with most top-line figures, there are always other things to consider, too.

For example, a company might do $1,000,000 in revenue, but if it’s expenses are sky high then it still won’t be paying the bills.

And if you go to the gym every single day for a vast length of time, but each day you just sit in the reception eating from the vending machine, you won’t be getting any fitter!

The same is true here….

If you’ve got a following on Social Media, or are working hard to acquire one, you shouldn’t be so caught up on the total volume of accounts that follow yours, but rather how much you’re able to positively influence the people who sit behind them, on the other side of the phone screen.  

This positive influence may come in several different shapes and sizes. For example, you may be able to deliver some informative content, sell something of value or even be a source of inspiration. Whatever It may be, this is where you should place your attention.

But hey, that’s just our opinion!

We hope you all get your followers back soon and we’ll see ya in the next one! 😃