Our Ethos

The most common mistake 90% of Gym Owners, Personal Trainers and other Fit-Pros will ever make, is not investing in their marketing.

"Yeah, you would say that. You're a marketing agency!"

We know. Hear us out...

You probably understand this better than most.

You’ve spent countless hours perfecting your product, mastering your craft and even getting your first customers through the door.

Some months go by and a few of those customers have referred their friends. Business has grown!

And so, naturally, you keep going as you are.


(And this is where most fit-pros fall down, without even realising)

This process then repeats itself for all of eternity, yielding no notable success, and you can’t help but feel that there’s still a lot of untapped potential.

Which kinda burns, right?

You’re left wondering what more you can do to break into that next level of growth in your business.

“How can I get [X] new sign-ups this month?”

“How can I charge more for my services?”

“How can I stand out against my competitors?”

Well, there's no magic pill, there's no secret sauce and there's definitely no Santa Claus.

In fact, the single most common missing ingredient that we see in fitness professionals wanting to scale is a simple lack of direction and ability to execute on their own marketing.

If they realise this, they then start fumbling around trying to upgrade their website, revamp their social media, get better photos and all the rest of it. All in the hope of attracting new attention from new, potential customers.

Maybe you've done the same in your own business. Maybe even more than once.

Now, if this is sounding all too familiar, then this is exactly where we'd come in. As a team of Ads Specialists, Social Media Strategists, Developers, Designers and Content Creators, we're able to cut the confusion, plug up any holes in your current strategy and dial in on seeing new growth in your business.

At this point, if this sounds even vaguely intriguing to you, we feel it would be a missed opportunity if you didn't take up on our next offer.


Because we'd love to learn about your particular business and offer some insight on what we'd bring to the table, if we were to work together. We'll share the exact services and strategies we've used with our clients, who have gone on to see incredible success with their businesses.

At the very least, you'd walk away from this call with some fresh ideas that you could implement right away in your own business, even before we come on board!

We don’t expect to work with everyone we talk to on these Discovery Calls, but it is an opportunity for us to connect and share some valuable insight into how we help our clients succeed in a competitive industry.

If you’d like to book a Discovery Call with our team, simply tell us where to send the information via our "Request Discovery Call" page.

Best regards,

The FitMedia team

Our Amazing Team

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How We Work

Here's a rough guideline to how we work and what you can expect when enquiring about our services.

Step 1. Request a Quote

Once you Request a Quote, we'll send you more information on the services you're most interested in. This will include prices, what's included and examples of work we've done previously.


Step 2. Discovery Call

Our Discovery Calls are a great opportunity for us to find out some more information about each other. We'll offer answers to your questions, as well as presenting any questions we have for you, too.


Step 3. The 'Boring' Stuff

Before we get going, it's important that we're able to cover a few formalities. For us, this will include you signing our standard Terms of Service, and of course, taking the initial payment.


Step 4. Project Begins

This is where things begin to take off. From here, we'll likely hop on an On-Boarding Call just to share what you can expect now that we're working together, as well as introducing you to the team members you'll be working closely with.

Begin Process
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