Future-proof your fitness business online

You have a passion for what you do and the services you provide people with. So finding new ways of offering those to people should be part of your long-term strategy for the growth of your brand.

There has been a lot of talk in the media over the past year about adjusting to the “new normal” as, due to the pandemic, the old ways of living and working are a thing of the past. It’s true, 2020 was tough for business owners and many have had to find ways to survive. 

As a company that aims to help businesses thrive, we’ve been having conversations with our clients about their plans for 2021 as the lockdown continues to ensure they’re able to keep in touch with their audience, offer their services in an effective way, and continue to make a great change in the industry. 

Move away from the survival mindset

The truth is, to future-proof your business, whether you’re used to providing services in person or online, it pays to be set up on multiple platforms. 

Your customers have the potential to reach you in a number of different ways other than direct marketing or word of mouth. We’re not just talking about websites, social channels, and search results. We’re talking about your why. 

Most likely, your business started for a reason other than to make money. You have a passion for what you do and the services you provide people with. So finding new ways of offering those to people should be part of your long-term strategy for the growth of your brand. 

The key to a thriving over surviving mindset is first to evaluate the value your business brings and then look at the right channels to reach the right people. It’s not about what platforms your competitors are on or the campaigns they’re running - it’s about how you can extend your reach and engage your customers by providing value. 

We’ve compiled three ideas below that will hopefully get your cogs turning as to how you can make small changes to your business that will make a big difference, and go back to the core of why you run your business. 

Add different values to your membership structure 

If you’re a gym or class-based service that usually provides in-person memberships, one way to supply value to your customers is to switch up your membership structure. 

We’re not just talking online zoom classes - as you may already have those up and running. How about offering existing members additional content such as a nutrition plan, ideas for at-home alternatives to weights, or access to a personal trainer Q&A once a month? 

Providing extra value to your existing members will help them to feel thought of and that their money is well spent with you. 

Offer different types of online classes 

We’ve seen many gyms and personal trainers offer online classes on Instagram or Zoom over the past year and it has been a really successful way to keep communication alive and businesses running. But it could be time to step out of your comfort zone and offer something different, such as: 

  • Partnering with another fitness business to create a live Q&A or piece of informative content 
  • Creating new hybrid classes that focus on certain topics - HIIT followed by meditation for mindfulness, for example
  • Planning a series of challenges for your customers or members to work in virtual teams
  • Create accountability groups, to enable people to meet others from their gym and meet their goals
  • Partner with a nutritionist for a cooking class to help members or clients learn new fun recipes

Thinking outside the box with live classes can help to keep clients’ interest peaked and will give you new ways to share your brand message. 

Share your experiences and expertise 

Use your online platforms to share more about your business and why it exists. People, now more than ever, gravitate towards working with or spending money with people over a company that feels large and unapproachable. So, if you’re looking for ways to connect and convince new clients your service is valuable, you should think about sharing your experiences or expertise to give a peek behind the curtains. 

This doesn’t necessarily mean recording video content - you can easily share anecdotes and how-to’s via imagery and infographics. The key part of this marketing strategy is letting people in on the thought process and the highs and lows of your business. 

If you’re a personal trainer, you could share: 

  • Your fitness journey 
  • How you started your business 
  • How you like to work with clients 
  • Your particular passions and training 
  • A fitness/business regret and how you’ve learned from it 

If you’re a gym owner or class-based service, you could share: 

  • An insight into the team behind the brand 
  • Client success stories 
  • What makes your memberships valuable 
  • How classes are structured 
  • The value of coaching 

If you’d like to explore these ideas further, be sure to book a free, no-obligation strategy call with our team. We’d be happy to talk through your objectives and see how we can help you drive your business forwards.  

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