How Facebook Ads work for Fitness Coaches & Gym Owners

Using Facebook Ads to grow your fitness business can be overwhelming even for the most tech-savvy coaches and gym owners. In this article we breakdown the key components of a successful advertising campaign.

When it comes to Facebook ads, there are some small but important things that need to be considered to ensure a positive result. One of the most common worries we hear from clients we work with is spending money on social advertising and not seeing tangible results.

The purpose of Facebook advertising is to get your business’ products or services in front of more people in a targeted way. It’s not a stab in the dark - it’s a curated, calculated approach that should drive results when done right. 

In this post, we will explain how Facebook ads are targeted and how you can set your own up for success with three simple steps. 

How does Facebook target the right audiences? 

Facebook Ads leverage information from users profiles, such as geographic location, language, age, interests, and pages followed. When setting up an advert, you or the agency you’re working with should select the audience to ensure your content will reach not just a quantitative audience, but a qualitative audience too. 

Many make the mistake of wanting to reach as many people as possible but success comes from quality, targeted audiences. In the same breath, audiences should avoid being too segmented as they’ll limit the outcome. 

What are campaign objectives and how do I choose one? 

The other way Facebook targets users is through its objective tool. You or the agency you’re working with should select an objective that matches what you’re trying to achieve from the campaign. The objectives are split into three categories: awareness, consideration, and conversion - three customer journey stages. 

Awareness options should be chosen if you’re looking to increase brand awareness and promote the posts on your page. Consideration is one step further - if you choose one of these options you’re looking to get your website in front of the user and have them remember you. If success to you is conversions, you’d choose the last option, although be aware that conversion based campaigns can cost a little more. 

If you’re familiar with Facebook, you may have seen a blue boost button or thought about boosting your posts before.

Our advice, don’t do it! This is probably the least effective way to advertise and you will likely reach a lukewarm audience. Boost posts are only good for likes and engagement but not for conversions or lead generation. 

How do I set my Facebook ad campaign up for success? 

Now we’ve gone over the basics of how Facebook ads target the right people, it’s time to talk about setting your campaign up for success. 

It sounds crazy, but we find clients can often forget that the advert creative is the most important part of the whole process. Strip back thoughts about ad spend and targeting for a second here and focus on creating a user journey that is going to provide value and convert your customers. 

We often advise our clients to think about the following before a campaign: 

What does success look like to you? 

Before setting a campaign to go live, it is important to think about what outcome you’d be happy with. This will help you decide on the campaign objective and also on how you’ll present the content. 

For example, a gym that’s offering a new online class membership may be looking to increase awareness about its new service and push sign-ups. They’d likely choose a conversion campaign over an awareness campaign to drive results rather than an awareness campaign - this will tell Facebook to steer away from people who don’t engage or go further in the ad set. 

What is my call to action (CTA)?

What happens after people see your post is important. Unless you’re running a video engagement campaign, you will most likely want your customers to go to a landing page on your website for more information, to sign up, get in contact or to purchase. 

Ensuring the customer journey is as smooth as possible will increase your chances of having a successful campaign and building a great brand reputation. 

What creative am I going to put out?

Now that you’re clear on the campaign objective and how you want to drive customers to your call to action, it is time for the creative. Whether you’re promoting a product or a podcast, you’ll want to create some imagery or video that is eye-catching and stops people in their tracks. Remember - Facebook ads will be placed in your audiences timeline - so they may scroll past if the content does not catch their attention. 

Don’t create an image with too much text as this is against Facebook’s ads guidelines - you can save that for the post. 

How do I set a budget for Facebook ads? What should I expect to spend? 

This really depends from campaign to campaign. If you’re new to Facebook advertising, it may be a good idea to dabble in an A/B test campaign where you test out different creative or audiences and see how they perform. 

On average, companies tend to spend 5%–12% of revenue on advertising activity*. 

If you’re working with a marketing agency to help you advertise, remember to plan for ad spend plus cost for advert creation time. An agency package will usually include research, content creation for the advert creative, and implementation and tracking. 

The great thing is, you can set up a Facebook ad and play around with cost and audience until you see estimated figures that suit you. You can also save ad sets (audiences) for later and come back to them.

Creating a successful Facebook ad is not a case of setting it live and hoping it goes well. We jump into our clients ad manager’s throughout the campaign and tweak and adjust bids, spend and/or audience to ensure the best result.

Here’s to successful Facebook ad campaigns! 

If you have questions about Facebook ads or want to talk about getting them set up for success, book in a free, no obligation strategy call with our team

*source, Social Media Examiner.

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