The *Hidden* Costs of Having a Website

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Building a website for your fitness business can be a daunting and expensive process. It doesn’t have to be, and it isn’t always, but it definitely can be. In this blog post we’ll break down each of the costs that you should be aware of when building a website for yourself or hiring someone to build it for you.

First of all, you’ve got the design and build of the website itself. This will always be the largest expense of both time and money. 

Building a website is like building a house. It’s the virtual home of your business. It’s where people go if they want to get more information about your products and/or services, to read your blog posts, to get in touch with you and so on. 

When building a house, do you build it yourself? I mean, you certainly could! But you’d likely get your end product quicker and more efficiently (and with fewer mistakes and setbacks) if you were to hire a team of builders, plumbers and electricians. However, that route won’t be for everyone and others might choose to build the house themselves because they like the challenge, they already have some experience or are willing to learn and are keen to save on the costs of labour. 

Either way, building the website itself is the first and most obvious investment of time and money. The other costs to follow are a little less obvious.

Domain Name

A Domain Name is the “” that links people through to your website. Every website needs one of these and, although they’re often very cheap, they are an expense and something that you should spend some time on.

Domain Names are unique and can only be owned and used by one person at a time. This is similar to car registration plates but, to continue the metaphor of building a house, we’ll make the comparison of your Domain Name being very much like your home address. There is the only home with your exact address. 

When finding a domain name, it’s worth first checking the availability of several different options (every domain name registrar will show the same availability since all domains are unique) and then shopping around for the best price.

You should then double check the renewal price of your domain name, since some registrars can be sneaky and only charge 0.99p for the first year, for example, and then shoot the price up from the second year onwards. It’s good to get a good deal for the first year but it is worth checking that it is actually a good deal compared to other registrars.

Domain Name Registrar = A website where you can purchase (or register) domain names

Here’s our list of recommended Domain Name Registrars, as well as lists of our other favourite tools and apps too!


Website Hosting is the next and perhaps least obvious expense in running a website. This is the one that most people aren’t aware of and often needs the most explaining. However, it’s pretty simple if we continue our metaphor of building a house.

Put simply, Web Hosting is like paying the utility bills for your new home. Every home needs water, gas, electricity and so on. The good news is that hosting won’t be as expensive as your household bills, but it is still an expense that needs to be paid in order for your website to work!

That’s fine, but what actually is it?

Well, if we get a tiny bit technical for a minute, every website is nothing more than a bunch of files worth of computer code. These files need to be ‘hosted’ on computer servers in order for them to be accessible by end-users. When someone  searches for then their computer will very quickly look for the corresponding files on servers around the world and display the contents of those files on their computer screen.


In summary, there are a handful of expenses involved in setting up and running a website and these are very standard across all websites ever created. The costs vary between providers and ultimately all serve the same purpose.

If you ever choose to work with us in building a website for your fitness business then you’ll be aware of these costs and we’ll even help you in finding a good domain name, too.

Finally, if you have any questions about this topic then please don’t hesitate to let us know. We’re here to help!

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