Growing Your Fitness Business? Track These Two Types of Data

You're a FitPro looking to market yourself better to streamline and level-up your business. Only problem: you don't know anything about data, analytics or the modern science of marketing. That's okay. We've got you. Read this article.

Data and analytics for FitPros

Every time you sign up to a newsletter, every time you ‘Like’ a post on Instagram, and every time you click ‘I’m okay with that’ to Cookies in your web browser (despite never really understanding what it is you are okay with) your data is taken and plundered, the spoils of war being sold on to the highest bidder. 

Data is everywhere in the modern world. Data – information – practically flows out of your fingertips whenever you interact with the digital world. More importantly, data flows out of your clients’ fingertips, too; remember this for later. 

At FitMedia, we aim to be as transparent as possible about how we use data, what we do with it, and how we let data inform our decision-making strategies. 

First, though, let’s be clear: this isn’t about manipulating people to buy products from you that they simply don’t want. Health and fitness are such basic necessities to the human condition that the market is there no matter what; everybody wants to be fit and healthy. 

The only problem faced by you, the fitness professional, is matching up the right sorts of offers with the right sorts of leads. 

And that’s why we use data-driven marketing to achieve the best results. 

There are, broadly speaking, two streams of data we track: quantitative and qualitative. You know what these words mean already, but let’s dive into the data science a little further...

Quantitative data 

Quantitative data is anything numerical. Stats, numbers, rates of change, graphs, charts, formulae, percentages, analytics, all that good stuff. We need that raw data to help us build a picture of just what an ad is doing when we push it out into the world – and to help us make it more effective. 

Each ad is more than just an ad. It’s a journey. You start off seeing the ad itself; if you like it, you click on it; if you click on it, you read more about it; if you read more about it, you might schedule a call; if you schedule a call, you might end up purchasing the offer. There’s a whole host of other steps you can add in to this simple timeline of engaging with a single ad. 

Quantitative analytics can tell us just how many people go through each step – and, importantly, how many don’t. If there’s a bottleneck after clicking on the ad but before booking an on-boarding call, maybe it’s your landing page that needs work. 

But quantitative data from sources like Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel can’t tell you everything. If only it were that simple… 

Qualitative data 

Qualitative data is a little harder to wrap your head around. It encompasses every sort of information beyond simple numbers, charts, graphs and the like. Qualitative data includes everything from how well-written the copywriting on your landing page is to how enticing the graphics look. 

Qualitative tracking data also includes how your leads actually behave when they engage with your webpage. Did you know that you can track the mouse cursor of users when they visit your website? See what they’re looking at? Read what they read? 

Some might say it’s a little too Big Brother for their liking, but the reality is that almost every company does it. Or, at least, every computer-savvy company with a decent marketing department. 

Services like Hotjar let us know exactly what content is and is not engaging on your website. Where do people scroll to? What do they look at? What gets read and what does not? In short, how engaging is your webpage? Simple number can’t tell you this… but qualitative-tracking-generated heatmaps can. 

FitMedia have years of experience intricately tying together these twin streams of digital information to optimise our clients’ marketing campaigns. 

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