Web Hosting -- What is it?

In this article we'll make sense of what website hosting is and why you'll need it when setting up a website for your fitness business.

In this article, we’ll be diving into what web hosting is and why it’s important in setting up a website for your fitness business.

In all the years that we’ve been building websites for fitness professionals, one of the most common questions we get has always been:

“What is web hosting and why do I need it?”

And, in this article, we’ll be answering that exact question! 

So, web hosting… what is it?

Well, web hosting is the process of hosting a website on a server. 

This may be easy to imagine if you consider that any website is simply a collection of files. Each file is full of code. This code is interpreted by computers and translated into the websites we can use and interact with.

These files of code are stored on physical internet servers, in a building that might look like this…

Internet's backbone can readily be made more sustainable, Stanford expert  says
Image source

So, when you pay for web hosting, you are essentially ‘renting’ the space on the server that stores the files for your website. These servers will then make your website available to the rest of the internet and anyone who searches for it!

Here’s an analogy I always use to explain the three components of running a website: the website, domain name and hosting.

The website itself is like your house…

The domain name is your home address…

And the web hosting is like the ground rent and / or utility bills you pay to keep things operational. 

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All major website building platforms will have their own web hosting built in, so you usually won’t need to think much about the technical side of setting this up (which is good news!). 

The monthly or yearly fee you pay for your website builder will include your web hosting as standard, plus any other features you may get with your package (such as support, training, maintenance, certain functionality etc).

Also, the fee you pay your web developer may include your web hosting and, of course, they’ll make sure this is setup for you properly.

At FitMedia we’re very transparent with the cost of hosting and will actually invite our clients to setup and manage their own billing via our platform. 

This way there’s never any hidden fees or commitments.

You’ll also have access to your own website editor, which means you can manage and update your website without needing constant support from us (which can be unnecessarily costly)

Also, since we make a small commission on your hosting fee, we also include unlimited small changes at no additional cost. 

Every provider will offer something different for the fee you pay, but the basics of the web hosting itself will remain the same. 

Final notes

If you’re interesting in having a website or landing page built for your fitness business, and would like to chat to us about doing that for you, you can organise a chat with our team here: fitmedia.net/apply 

Otherwise, we hope you found this article helpful. 

To your success,

Jonah Cockshaw


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