What the Heck is FitMedia?

As well as being an award-winning fitness marketing agency, we're also your future self's best business investment. That enough for ya?

FitMedia is your fitness marketing agency.

We are here to grow your fitness business.

But first, here's our story.

FitMedia founder and self-proclaimed all-round digital fitness marketing guru Jonah worked a ‘real job’ (at the counter in a sandwich shop, no less) for all of about two weeks of his life. 

As a young, budding bodybuilder struggling through Tupperware after Tupperware to maintain the necessary calorie surplus, the sacks of free sandwiches he could take home at the end of the day were just about the only perk of the job. 

Working for somebody else, however – clocking in, clocking out, working shifts, putting on a uniform, fitting in, being ordinary, conforming – was not his style. 

It was in the throes of service behind that sandwich shop counter that the dream of FitMedia was born.

The first start-up

Cut forward some years. School had fallen by the wayside. Too ordinary. Too conformist. Too much doing-what-you’re-told-to-do-in-the-exact-same-way-everyone-else-does-it

Only 17, Jonah was already making his first foray into business with a gym clothing brand in a startup printshop. This was a start, for sure, but it wasn’t the end-product. It was a learning process, a foot in the door. Clothing was not, it is safe to say, a passion.

It was in talking with friends in the fitness industry, clients, partners, training buddies and gym owners that the seed for FitMedia was really planted.

“I just need a website, mate,” complained a friend. “But I don’t know where to start.”

Always a tinkerer, Jonah offered. “Easy – I’ll make you one.”

Little did he know how that would end. 

Gathering momentum

More friends, friends of friends, and friends of friends’ friends started messaging and asking for help. People whose passion was in helping their clients get fit simply didn’t have the time to figure out how to run the jargon-filled technical backend of the business. 

Those early clients had domain names registered and web hosting paid for, landing pages built and entire website infrastructures put together from the ground up. Jonah picked up design, coding and copywriting, honing each craft and making a name for himself as ‘the tech guy’ for FitPros around the country. 

Pretty soon, though, this stopped being enough. These businesses needed marketing beyond simply getting set up on the internet. Running a business is a marathon, and there is only so far that a one-stop website shop can get you. 

FitMedia was born when Jonah, founder and CEO, started to get interested in running campaigns for his clients. 

After all, it was pretty natural for clients to ask, once they had a website, how on Earth they could get people to visit their content beyond simply sharing it on social media and hoping for the best.  

To paraphrase an old saying: If a tree falls in a forest and nobody is around to click on an ad to buy timber, does the lumberjack earn a salary? 

From running ads to meeting Liz Truss

Making and running ads was one thing. Learning to make and run intelligent, targeted, specific, data-led campaigns relevant to the content in question was another. Learning to do this effectively while constrained by a client’s marketing budget was yet again another. 

Jonah found that marketing was a mathematical problem as much as it was a creative and technical one: how could one engineer the perfect campaign that is adaptive, responsive and creative but also rigorously data-driven and constrained by certain parameters set by the client’s business needs? 

This was the sort of thing they don’t – can’t – teach in school. It’s the sort of thing you cannot learn except simply by doing, time and time again, learning the ins and outs of the trade until running an effective campaign becomes second nature. 

FitMedia was set up officially in 2018. Just a year later, Jonah was selected to meet the then-Business Secretary, Liz Truss (later ill-fated Prime Minister, but that’s a different story…) to receive an award as one of the ‘Twenty Under Twenty’ businesspeople in the UK, all thanks to his innovative work creating FitMedia.

FitMedia today

Since then, the world has changed almost unrecognisably (as have Liz Truss’s career prospects). The landscapes of both the fitness and the marketing industries are among the most radically altered from just a few years ago; being at the intersection of the two, FitMedia has evolved countless times to always stay one step ahead of the game. 

Using the latest software, tools and tech and with experience successfully campaigning for almost a hundred clients, spending over £1 million on ads and generating many more millions than that in revenue, FitMedia has now grown not only as a team and a business but as a network, too.

Clients (whether present, past, or future), FitMedia team members, business partners, FitPros (perhaps like yourself, dear reader!) as well as copywriters, graphic designers and web developers and others have all seen the value in the FitMedia philosophy and come together to allow this little marketing startup to grow into something bigger, badder and better than the rest.

Because it isn’t just about high-quality marketing. It isn’t just about making money (although, you don’t need us to tell you, that does help). It isn’t just about lead generation.

In the fitness industry, it is about making lives better. And the more people we allow you to reach, the more lives are positively impacted by what you can offer.

That’s what we offer. So why not give us a call and see how we can help you? Schedule one this week; we’re always around to chat! 

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